Sybase Certified Powerbuilder Developer

Kenneth Ray Zuver Jr.
(503) 764-7916
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Professional Software Architect with more than 15 years experience seeks to contribute to a Powerbuilder project or conversion to the world wide web.

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Bartlesville, OK
Software Engineer
02/03/2011 − Present
ConocoPhillips split into 2 unique corporations on May 1, 2012. I was retained by the downstream company Phillips66. RightAngle is an energy trading platform by SolArc and COIN is a proprietary application.
  • Maintained the RightAngle application during a period of transition from PowerBuilder to .NET.
  • Supported end user functionality with various bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Served as primary technical resource for the proprietary COIN (Crude Oil Information Network)
  • Wrote enhancement to automatically print 'Letter of Indemnity' when Invoices printed for certain transaction types.
PowerBuilder 9, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, ASE ISQL, Work Excellence, .NET, Visual Source Safe, Oracle, Stored Procedures

Menlo Logistics
Portland, OR
Software Engineer
10/26/2009 − 01/23/2011
Menlo is the Logistics/Warehousing arm of Conway Transportation. Their "SIMS" application is used on-site by warehouse personnel to facilitate the efficient movement of goods through the shipping network.
Served as primary customer support contact.
Made numerous bug fixes to the SIMS application.
Worked on numerous enhancements to the SIMS client application and backend sweeper application.
Ported "DiskErase" application from MSAccess to PowerBuilder.
Served as the SIMS group representative at the DR (Disaster Recovery) exercise.
Installed proprietary application "PowerCat" to be used by team for development.
PowerBuilder 11, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, MSAccess

Pacific Gas & Electric
San Francisco, CA
Senior PowerBuilder Consultant
11/05/2007 − 11/05/2008
PGE is an energy company on the US West Coast. As such, they offered several 'programs' to their residential and business customers for upgrading their homes and businesses with modern energy efficient systems and appliances. NRR was one of those programs / applications.
Made front and back end enhancements to NRR (Non-Residential Retrofit) application.
Made numerous bug fixes to the SIMS application.
Re-Wrote Oracle Forms MDSS95 application using PowerBuilder 9.1
PowerBuilder 10.5, PFC, SQL Plus, Query Analyzer, Oracle 10g, Oracle Forms

TriDim Filter Corporation
Louisa, VA
Senior Powerbuilder Developer
05/04/2007 − 09/01/2007
I worked remotely for TriDim Filter for a few months to build a few reports and utility type routines.
Worked on TriDim's ERP Software based on the PowerCerv framework.
Wrote custom 'Voucher Import' interface and functionality.
Worked remotely from Portland Oregon via VPN and Citrix.
PowerBuilder 9, PFC, Sybase 13, PowerCerv, Citrix

Xerox Inc.
Wilsonville, OR
Contract PowerBuilder Consultant
03/01/2006 − 08/31/2007
Developed new interfaces and reports for Xerox BOM application.
Developed new interface for BOM using PFC treeview object.
Created Oracle stored procedures to enable new interface.
Modified Oracle stored procedures to reflect DB changes.
Performed numerous bug fixes on the Xerox BOM application.
Performed several minor enhancements on the Xerox BOM application.
PowerBuilder 9 PFC, SQL Plus

Nike Inc.
Beaverton, OR
Contract PowerBuilder Consultant
04/12/2004 − 02/28/2006
Analysis and development to remove references to obsolete database fields from the Nike Apparel application.
Analyzed all Powerbuilder source code and removed references to obsolete fields.
Analyzed all Oracle packages and removed references to obsolete fields.
Analyzed all Oracle stored procedures and removed references to obsolete fields.
Analyzed all anonymous SQL and batch files (UNIX) and removed references to obsolete fields.
Performed numerous bug fixes on the Nike Apparel application.
Performed several enhancements on the Nike Apparel application.
Implimented 'POWERCAT' for the Nike Footwear Application
Detailed analysis of the Nike footwear application.
Divestiture of Nike Footwear application in coordination with the new Nike footwear application
PowerBuilder 6.5 PFC, UNIX, SQL Navigator, FTP Pro

BMK Distributors
Dallas, TX
Contract PowerBuilder Consultant
02/10/2004 − 03/31/2004
Report Enhancements for BMK warehouse application.
Made enhancements to several reports including Crosstab datawindow styles.
Created several new reports for the BMK warehouse application.
PowerBuilder 8.0, Oracle, TOAD

Cendant Mortgage Inc.
Moorestown, NJ
Contract PowerBuilder Consultant
11/06/2003 − 01/09/2004
Analysis, design and development for 'Conditions Management' functionality in an N-TIER architecture.
Participated in analysis and design phases.
Implemented code on the Powerbuilder side which called JAVA functions on WebLogic middleware.
PowerBuilder 9.0 PFC, Oracle, WebLogic, SQL Navigator

McKesson Inc.
Dallas, TX
Contract PowerBuilder Consultant
07/14/2003 − 11/01/2003
Conversion project to convert McKessons' OSCAR CRM application to a more functional ServiceFirst application.
Migrated OSCAR from PowerBuilder version 5 to PowerBuilder version 9.
Enhanced interface to include widely used functionality on a single window in 'tab-page' format.
Enhanced functionality to allow ordering of medical products directly through ServiceFirst.
Wrote several stored procedures to allow access to remote databases.
Wrote database scripts for easy database migration on-site.
Wrote InstallShield application for ease of deployment.
PowerBuilder 5.0, PowerBuilder 9.0, Oracle, DB2, SQLPlus, InstallShield

Federal Liason Services
Dallas, TX
PowerBuilder Developer
12/15/2001 − 02/14/2003
After serving to enhance the FLS Year End System as a contract consultant, I was charged with the duty to totally re-write the system using PowerBuilder 8 as a full time employee.
Re-wrote much of the old YES including a large piece to generate magnetic media for federal reporting.
Migrated original application from PB 5.0 to PB 6.5 and then to PB 8.0.
Wrote framework for YES re-write using PB 8.0.
Wrote multiple back-ends for YES including ASA, SQL Anywhere, Oracle and Centura.
PowerBuilder 5.0, PowerBuilder 6.5, PowerBuilder 8.0, Oracle, Centura, ASA, SQL Anywhere, Visual Basic .NET

MetaSolv Software
Plano, TX
Contract PowerBuilder Consultant
06/25/2001 − 09/30/2001
As an enhancement to the second largest PowerBuilder application in the world, I worked to develop new functionality in Metasolv's Telecom Business Solution (TBS) for a large wireless telecommunications customer. In doing so, I gained a front-line education in industry equipment, facility and circuit design.
Used object-oriented techniques to design and develop an object that sequences 'design-line' blocks within a circuit.
Wrote stored procedures and cursors to access Oracle backend. All data was handled manually using external datawindows.
Fixed multiple bugs having to do with everything from treeview refresh issues to foreign key restraint errors.
Analyzed application to determine effort required to upgrade app to latest framework release.
PowerBuilder 6.5 PFC, Oracle, SQL Navigator and Continuus

Pier 1 Imports Inc.
Fort Worth, TX
Contract PowerBuilder Consultant
04/02/2001 − 05/11/2001
Pier 1 is a great example of my inter-personal-skills, problem solving abilities and my adaptability to new technologies
Wrote utility using PowerBuilder to analyze exported datawindow objects, and make required fixes.
Used the utility to fix over 600 datawindow objects.
Analyzed application code for obsolete embedded SQL and fixed as required.
Estimated to take one month, assignment completed in one week.
Developed abstract classes to standardize database connection and application login.
Developed skeleton framework on which to develop 'History Hacker' and future applications.
Gathered system requirements and wrote design specifications.
Developed using object oriented techniques against existing database tables.
Queried both current and historical databases, combining the result-sets into a single datawindow.
Included option to save as XLS format. Can open the XLS file from within the application using a linked OLE object.
Using a UNIX scripting language called Conversant (Lucent Technologies), wrote an application that people can call for simple inquiries about a persons employment status and work history.
The caller navigates a voice menu using either touch-tone or voice responses, entering criteria as prompted by the system.
Application queries an Oracle back-end for results.
This was my first experience with Conversant. Had no problem learning or developing with it.
PowerBuilder 6.5 PFC, Oracle, SQL Navigator and Continuus

YOUcentric Inc.
Charlotte, NC
Java Application Developer
02/01/2000 − 03/23/2001
My work at YOUcentric represents a large leap forward in my knowledge of the Internet and its supporting technologies; especially Java. It was also a period of great personal growth as I expanded into mentoring and leadership roles.
Agribank Application
  • Served as the lead technical consultant to Agribank by intercepting all technical inquiries.
  • Mentored 5 Agribank employees as they applied YOUcentric's philosophy and framework to their own application.
  • Served as liaison to the YOUcentric framework team for Agribank enhancement requests.
  • Used IBM's VisualAge IDE for Java development in a Windows NT environment.
  • Used an Oracle back-end for meta-data in a Windows NT environment.
  • Used Stored Procedures to hit a DB2 back-end for application data in a UNIX environment.
  • Mapped application objects to Agribank's Stored Procedure result sets using TOPLink.
  • Assisted in configuring customer environment for application deployment.
  • YOUcentric broke new ground as a company with Agribank. Using Stored Procedures with our framework and TOPLink, implementing Heterogeneous Collections, one of the fist client-developed apps.
Hertz Application
  • Developed a pseudo-heterogeneous collection model using XML. Facilitated inclusion of different classed objects in same collection as long as they shared a common ancestor.
  • Used JBuilder for Java development in a Windows NT environment.
  • Used a Sybase ASE back-end for meta and application data in a Windows NT environment.
  • Mapped application objects to database tables using TOPLink.
  • Performed QA and unit testing.
  • Assisted in configuring customer environment for application deployment.
Financial Industry Vertical Application
  • Participated in full life cycle production including JAD, spec preparation, development, QA and unit testing.
  • Used YOUcentric's older framework class libraries. Application was an applet instead of browser-based.
  • Used Power J for Java development in a Windows NT environment.
  • Used a Sybase ASE back-end for meta and application data in a Windows NT environment.
  • Mapped application objects to database tables using SQL.
NetMarket B to B
  • Brainstormed the potential of a vertical application for the B to B industry.
  • Participated in multiple JAD sessions and meetings.
  • Developed multiple proto-types based on different concepts.
Technical Liaison to YOUcentric University
  • Worked hand in hand with class instructor to answer technical questions regarding YOUcentric's Development tool.
  • Served in several course offerings by intercepting technical questions the class instructor was unable to answer.
  • Acted as back-up speaker to give a 30-minute overview of the YOUcentric framework.
PowerJ, JBuilder, VisualAge, TOPLink, Weblogic, Websphere, Sybase ASE, Oracle, DB2, XML, HTML and Assembly Line

Bookman Testing Services
Remote Side Project
PowerBuilder 6.5 Test Creator
10/1999 − 02/2000
Created PowerBuilder 6.5 Test in my spare time from my home office.
  • Developed and verified the technical content of the Bookman Testing Services PowerBuilder 6.5 test.
  • Supported and defended the accuracy of the test to a group of my piers.

Charlotte NC
Software Engineer II
01/1999 − 02/2000
Worked on the Paragon project, which was a fully integrated package of hospital software. In a department of 45 programmers, I was one of 4 team members to work on the accounts payable module. Representative accomplishments include:
Paragon Accounts Payable Application Development
  • Designed and developed a full featured accounts payable application. System included vendor statistics, check processing, voucher reconciliation, and 1099 reporting.
  • Worked closely with clients as a Site Manager.
  • Designed logical and physical database from the ground up.
  • Worked in a team environment.
  • Gathered system requirements and wrote design specifications.
  • Developed application using object oriented techniques.
Windows NT, PowerBuilder 6.5, Microsoft SQL Server back end, PowerFrame class framework and ClearCase version control

The Dannon Co.
Ft. Worth, TX
11/1996 − 12/1998
11/92 − 11/96
As my first enterprise programming experience, I designed, developed, tested, debugged, compiled, implemented, trained end users and managed a custom inventory tracking system. The milk flow system tracked the flow of milk through Dannons Raw Receiving department into Ingredient Storage. Representative accomplishments include:
Milk Flow Application
  • Includes a Quality Lab and Reporting modules.
  • Designed logical and physical database from the ground up.
  • Gathered system requirements and wrote design specifications.
  • Quality tested, debugged and fixed as necessary.
  • Maintained and modified the system as required.
Windows 3.1, PowerBuilder 5.0, Watcom back end, PFC class framework

Proprietary Software Products
Stock City Interactive web-site
1994 − 1998
Stock City provides a forum where users can play the stock market against each other for education and entertainment. This program facilitates the simulated trading of securities using cgi.
  • Conceived, analyzed, designed, developed, tested, debugged, compiled, and implemented interactive stock market simulation system.
  • Designed user friendly interface to allow easy navigation.
  • Includes features such as a chat-room and trading school.
1996 − 2004
CompuViewer is a program that secretly records images of the computer screen for playback at a later time. Practical uses include monitoring your children's activities on the web.
  • Conceived, developed, tested, test marketed, marketed and supported CompuViewer.
  • Designed and built the product website, featuring e-commerce procurement.
Powerbuilder, Windows API's, OCX's
2004 − Present
A sophisticated reverse-engineering utility for PowerBuilder applications. Maps out object relationships and database relationships. Also documents object properties, variables, events, functions etc. Also reports on all referencing objects and objects referenced. Used for quick ramp up on a new contract.
  • Conceived, developed, tested, test marketed, marketed and supported CompuViewer.
  • Designed and built the product website, featuring e-commerce procurement.
Powerbuilder, Windows API's

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)
Arlington, TX
Major: Finance. 20 hours to completion
Bachelor of Business Administration; pending
References Available Upon Request