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Welcome to KZUV.COM!  This website is dedicated to my Family, my Friends and my Prospective Employers.   It is a glimpse into my personal life, a showcase of my professional accomplishments and a portal to my current projects.   No matter where I may reside, you can always find me here at KZUV.COM for the latest updates and contact information.

153 days until my
52 !


I am currently living in Bartlesville, OK with my fiancee Deborah and her children Del-Ray, Tommy and Amanda. Faythe and Trey are both living with their mother in Ft. Worth.   Trey will be coming to visit on June 26th.   He'll be here around a month before returning home.   Faythe has a burgeoning career at Harris Hospital. We hope she can make it soon for a visit.

I quit smoking on June 6th.   Wish me luck.   The same day Tommy and I started the P90X workout system.   In case your not familiar P90X is a 90 day workout program that most men 20 years my junior would fear. I threw up 5 times the first day... fun.   Everybody thought it would be a good idea to post my 'before' pictures on the site... but I've decided to wait for the 'after' pics out of respect for my readers.

We have a dog!   She's a Pit Bull named Daisy.   Hands down the best dog in the world.   She wears shoes when we go for walks.   She also wears sun dresses in the day and sweaters at night when it's cold outside. I can hear my detractors already.   But before you judge me or my Daisy you have to see the pics first... coming soon.


After coming to Bartlesville OK, for a 6 month contract with ConocoPhillips there have been 3 additional extensions bringing my total time here to 2 years. My main duties are to maintain and enhance the SolArc 'RightAngle' and COIN (Crude Oil Information Network) applications. These applications are used by the ConocoPhillips oil and gas traders to facilitate their operations. In addition, ConocoPhillips has split into two distinct corporations, ConocoPhillips and Phillips66 and I worked alongside FTE's to 'clone' the RightAngle, COIN and XXX applications for each company.

I've been working on a desktop application in my spare time called 'The State Freedom Calculator'. Probably not the best name but a lot of fun to work on and use.   It takes the data from the '50 Free States' study and allows you to modify the study weights.   You can find out more and download your free copy of the application here.

Nothing gets an internet project going like a great domain name and I have quite a few for sale at NAMEZON.COM.   Check out my inventory for some very cool names like M8W.COM, TCUX.COM, EZACES.COM, TVQB.COM and DAYCHARTS.COM!